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For Honor Ragnarok League was born with the aim of taking the official For Honor competition to the next step by creating an exclusive circuit for current and future eSports players only. This league will completely revolutionize the competitive scenario of For Honor by bringing through the FIDE (Federazione Italiana Discipline Elettroniche) a circuit of competitions linked together that will give life to an official national ranking in which only the strongest will be able to access it!

Thus was born the FOR HONOR RAGNAROK SERIES DUELS AND BRAWL, a circuit of tournaments with alternating days between duel and brawl competitions which each of these will give a score based on the ranking of each single stage, the best 8 at the end of the circuit will enter the PLAYOFF at the end of the year, they will compete in a series of tournaments to decree the strongest in Italy!

Third FIDE For Honor Tournament

Winners of the second duel tournament of For Honor Ragnarok Series

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